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“There are experiences that are memorable, then there are experiences that change your life.”  Josh Hahn, 3rd Session

Israel Government Fellows (IGF) is a selective and prestigious Masa Israel program endorsed by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and The Menachem Begin Heritage Center. IGF offers outstanding and highly motivated young university graduates from around the world, an experience at the heart of the Israeli government, combining internships in government ministries and related organizations with educational seminars, Hebrew language studies and trips around the country. It is the only existing program of its kind for non-Israelis to intern in the government and in policy related organizations. IGF believes that a diverse group in terms of background and nationality, enables each Fellow to experience Israel to the fullest.

Basic Information

  • DatesSeptember 2016 – June 2017 (10 months)
  • Location: Jerusalem & Tel Aviv
  • Ages: 21-30
  • Basic Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree +  Fluent English + Some Work Experience
  • Israel Related Requirements: Applicants must not have Israeli citizenship, or if they do -must have left Israel before the age of 14 and have lived outside of Israel for at least four consecutive years prior to applying to IGF
  • Cost: The basic cost is $9,000 after receiving a $2,000 guaranteed grant by The Begin Center
  • Additional Grants: As we are a Masa Israel program, most of our participants are eligible to additional Masa grants that help greatly with funding Fellow’s participation on the program
  • Housing: We believe that the best way to understand Israel is to really live in it. Therefore, the program doesn’t provide housing, but assists participants in finding various housing solutions
  • Keep In Touch: You’re welcome to write us at igf@begincenter.org.il
  • Stay Updated: Check out what our current Fellows are up to on Facebook


The heart of IGF is the internship experience in the Israeli government and in policy & diplomacy organizations. Fellows are placed in positions of genuine responsibility, working with senior figures in the Israeli government and various organizations. The placement process is based on Fellows’ skills and interests, as well as the needs of the the ministries and organizations we collaborate with.

Fellows are guided through their internship by senior officials serving as their mentors, as well as by IGF’s staff. Both work closely with the Fellows to ensure a fulfilling and rewarding professional experience.

Our Fellows have interned in:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Ministry of Public Security
  • Government Press Office
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Israel Securities Authority (I.S.A)
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Israel Antitrust Authority
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Israeli Patent office
  • Office of the Chief Scientist
  • Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
  • Shalom Hartman Institute
  • Project TEN
  • Reut Institute
  • NGO Monitor
  • JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance

Experience the Real Israel

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IGF combines two complementary components: internship and education, both enabling Fellows an opportunity to truly understand and experience Israel’s complexities from different perspectives.

The Education component includes:

  • Ulpan- Hebrew Studies: During the program, Fellows receive intensive high level Hebrew classes, focusing on developing conversational skills.
  • Opening Seminar: Each session starts with our opening seminar, which includes the Ulpan, trips and tours, lectures and group activities. This prepares Fellows for their time in Israel and for the internship.
  • Weekly Seminar Days: The Fellows meet leading public figures from different areas of expertise, focusing on a range of issues including Israeli foreign and domestic policy, politics & society, the wider Middle East and the Jewish world
  • Trips Around Israel: Our Fellows don’t only hear about the complex issues, but get to see them first hand while traveling the country from north to south, exploring Israel’s people as well as it’s natural beauty.

Do you have what it takes to be an Israel Government Fellow? Apply now!

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Write us at igf@begincenter.org.il 

Call us at +972-2-5652027 or 212-444-9680 (if you’re calling from the US)

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Photo courtesy of Jacob Ross, 7th session IGF Alumni : jacobrossphotography.weebly.com